Murilo Romano possesses an unique style that's instantly recognizable and striking.
When he plays, you know it's him.

Musician, composer, producer and arranger, Murilo was born and raised in Araraquara, SP - Brasil.
He grew up with the music of The Beatles, Bread, Jimi Hendrix and Deep Purple.
In his early teens, Romano quickly became very interested in Jazz and Funk music. Joe Pass, Pat Martino and Steely Dan were some of his influences. From this diverse blend of music, his sound and path began to take shape.

Murilo starting playing guitar at age of 7.
At the age of 15, was already getting recognized, and has featured on music Brazilian magazines appointed as one of the up-coming guitarist in Brazil. At the age of 18 started touring with many artists in various styles. That was very important to gain the expertise and know-how to become a great and respected musician.

Murilo usually works with the most influential and renowned musicians and producers around the world.

With his group - Mr. Zelion - released the álbum "Miracle" in 2012, produced by Murilo Romano and Paulo Russi and which have a bunch of friends as guests, like Tommy Barbarella, Randy Brecker, Ivan Busic, Jorge Casas, Bjorn Englen, Stuart Hamm, Scott Henderson, Vail Johnson, Tom Kennedy, Michael Leonhart, Yves Passarel, Karl Perazzo, Toussaint, among others, in a total of 24 artists at the same record. "Miracle was mixed and mastered by John Cuniberti.

In 2013 Murilo produced an album for one of the greatest singers in Brazil - Patricia Romania. "Sentimento" was recorded in Nashville with Brent Mason on the electric guitar, Murilo Romano on the acoustic guitar, Talk Box, Brazilian viola and background vocals, Paul Franklin on the steel guitar, Lonnie Wilson on the drums, Tony Harrell on the keyboards, Glenn Worf on the bass, Andy Leftwich on the fiddle, mando and banjo. Co-produced and mixed by Greg Droman, mastered by Hank Williams.

His first solo CD was released on September 2014. Recorded live in the studio, "Scream Of Freedom" is a conceptual CD and, for the story told by the instrumental songs to become clearer to all kinds of listener, it was all draftee (as a comic book) by cartoonist Mario Mastrotti also live at the same time that the songs were being recorded. The drawings were digitized and became the CD booklet.
For this work, Murilo recruited two great friends that are great references as musicians: brothers Andria Busic (bass and backing vocals) and Ivan Busic (drums), both from the acclaimed band Dr. Sin, besides the incredible voice of Patricia Romania on the title track of the CD (the only one with vocals).
"Scream of Freedom" was mixed by Attila Ardanuy and mastered by John Cuniberti.

His new record is titled Both Sides of the Story (Side 1) and shows a different side to his music; an introspective and acoustic style with powerful melodies in an intense emotional experience.Murilo does kick out some riff-driven rockers, but he also detours into blues, country, and folk on occasion. With this second album, Romano has made what in a literal sense can be called his first solo album, in that the recording features only his playing and singing; no guest or supporting musicians and no overdubs.No harmonies, no other instrumentation... just a voice and an acoustic guitar.This is truly a personal deeply moving work of art.

Murilo is also collaborator to the Guitar Player Magazine (Brazil).