(by tom semioli)

"…when I first played the guitar at age 7, I already knew I wanted to be a musician!  I
believe everything else happened naturally..."
A composer, producer, recording artist, singer, performing artist, sideman, collaborator,
journalist (Guitar Player); where to begin with Murilo Romano? The name “Murilo”
translates as "small wall" however this Brazilian native's artistry knows no
Initially inspired by such classic rock icons such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and metal
mavens Deep Purple, Murilo also gravitated towards jazz - absorbing the work of Joe
Pass, Steely Dan, and Pat Martino. 
Recalls Romano "my dad started teaching me to play "by ear" - and the first song I've
learned was "Theme For Young Lovers" by The Shadows! Then, I started studying
classical music at the age of 8, under the guidance of Francisco Brasilino. At the age of
12 I decided I'd like to be a guitar player, and, I started studying with guitarist Aylton
Bonini. Besides being an amazing teacher and guitar player, he was also very important
to me, as he showed me different music styles." 
By the age of fifteen, Murilo garnered accolades in several high-profile music
publications which cited him as a major talent.  Noted Planet Metal in 1999: Romano,
soon to be one of the greatest names of the guitar in Brazil! " 
The praises Murilo earned in the press afforded him recognition among the top
echelons of the touring and recording industry; namely recording artists and producers.
At the age of eighteen, the road beckoned and Murilo honed his craft, night after night,
city after city with several artists.  
"I toured with artists such as Waldireni - who is an icon Brazil. She was part of a huge
movement in music in the 1960's. (The movement Romano speaks passionately
of is "Jovem Guarda" - which translates as "Young Guard" which was a meld of
Brazilian music, fashion, and attitude!) … along with Roberto Carlos, who is one of the
most important singers and composers in Brazil, and Erasmo Carlos. Murilo also
produced an album for Waldrieni in 2006. 
Among his productions is the album Miracle under the moniker Mr. Zelion which he produced with long-time friend and musical colleague keyboardist Paulo Russi. Mastered by John Cuniberti, the 2012 release boasts an incredible line-up of world class musicians
including Tommy Barbarella, Randy Brecker, Ivan Busic, Jorge Casas, Bjorn Englen,
Stuart Hamm, Scott Henderson, Vail Johnson, Tom Kennedy, Michael Leonhart, Yves
Passarell, Karl Perazzo, Toussaint, and Mauricio Zottarelli among others. 
The role of producer is one that Murilo also cherishes. “As a producer, I'm really opened
to listen, talk, discuss, and find the best path for artists to take, regarding their music. It's
important to me that I can really understand their needs, and aspirations, so I can help
them to get there…. a great album depends on many factors. With that said, I always
like to share some strategies/ideas that are certainly not the only ones that are
important for an artist to consider, but that are core strategies, and will have a huge
impact on the making of a great album. I believe each artist is unique, and of course,
each artist deserves unique and specific range of ideas, and tools to achieve their
goals... and I'm happy to give them all of that. That's what I do!”
Working behind the console has afforded Murilo yet another opportunity to expand his
musical palette. “I believe that being a producer, I kind of discovered some other ways
to put myself into a band context! I've learned to think and play not "only" as a guitar
player, but as one of the cogs in a big machine.”

Murilo Romano