what you need?

Escrevendo Música


Are you in need of a killer song for your project? A lot of songs?

If you need one, two... ten songs for your next ep, album, or anything else, just drop me a line! Let's make it happen!

Music Production

I will produce your song / album

As a producer, I'm really opened to listen, talk, discuss, and find the best path for artists to take, regarding their music. It's important to me that I can really understand your needs, and aspirations, so I can help you to get there…. a great album depends on many factors. With that said, I always like to share some strategies/ideas that are certainly not the only ones that are important for an artist to consider, but that are core strategies, and will have a huge impact on the making of a great album. I believe each artist is unique, and of course, each artist deserves unique and specific range of ideas, and tools to achieve their goals... and I'm happy to give them all of that. That's what I do!”

Equipamento de música

Electric and acoustic guitar session

I'll take your song/album to the next level

I'll record electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, brazilian viola, ukulele, and even background vocals!